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Ami is the single mother of three beautiful Christ-filled young women.  Abigayle 28 (married to John), Matalyn 25 (engaged to Jake), and Elly Grace 21.  She is also Mimi to two gorgeous granddaughters, Klaire & Evie born in the summer of 2021, and a new arrival in April 2024.  She has been divorced for 17 years. 


Ami was saved in 2011 after going through eight years of dark, painful choices that left her empty, guilt-ridden, and shame-filled. Having hit the bottom of the barrel financially and emotionally she turned to Jesus. 


Her testimony is ongoing and ever-evolving as Christ finishes His perfect work in her.  Her purpose and passion are for encouraging and teaching others how to develop roots deep in Christ to face the most difficult challenges that may arise and live courageously despite the circumstances - something she has had lots of practice at.


She has started several companies, has coached business owners and CEOs on reaching and setting performance metrics in business and life, and is currently filling her time writing, gardening, interior designing, golfing and Mimi-ing.

I am so glad you're here

So what is this site about?  Well, it's about pursuing and perceiving all that is right in our lives.  Despite how it looks.  Despite how we feel.  Despite what the facts and figures in our checking accounts and on our scales may tell us.  It's about how to find your best days when life is handing you your worst days.  God wants to do a new work in our hearts, minds, and lives.  A new thing.  Create a new season.  And He wants to do it in a way that will astound us. 


I am cuckoo crazy about gratitude.  That's coming from someone who has gained it all, lost it all, loved deeply, been heartbroken deeper, hoped against hope, and then hoped some more, and has had many seasons and reasons to give up on hope.  But yet - somehow, someway - I have been abundantly blessed over and over and over.  Grace.  Glorious, beautiful, amazing grace by a God who just doesn't seem to want to give up on me. 

Let's pursue and perceive it together.  On our darkest days. In our deepest hurts.  In our dismal circumstances.  If you are standing in a shadow - know that for a shadow to exist, there needs to be light around you.  Jesus is that light and He is near.  

So am I.  Whether you are needing encouragement to keep walking, direction to pursue new dreams, or guidance on finding your purpose, I hope this site can offer all three.  I have navigated life from the perspective of being married, divorced, a single parent, dating, not dating, having much, and being homeless.  I have started and owned multiple businesses, directed and built high-performance teams, coached business owners and CEOs, and have been a Fortune 100 employee and had a season where I was unemployed and lost everything I owned in a house fire and was homeless.  I get having to live bravely, courageously, and forward-focused.

If you're searching for the strength to live life courageously, you have found the girl to walk with you. Let's chat because no matter what difficult path you're navigating - you're not alone and your best days are yet to be lived!

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