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Cardinals, Cracked Windshields & Coping

There's discomfort and then there's not having air conditioning in July in the midwest. A whole other level of misery.

The past year has been frought with one thing after another.  Nothing life altering, just little thing after little thing after little thing.  You know what I mean?  I have seen an abundance of the above in the title of this blog.  Let me list it out in order of occurrence.

My windshield was hit by a flying bolt and it cracked 

I was rear ended on the interstate in Chicago by an uninsured driver

Elly Grace had a fender bender in her new car on day one of getting her license

Had a rock hit my new windshield and yep, crack #2

Ended a three year relationship with a man I adored

Hot water heater went out (completely symbolic of the one above)

Had a rock hit #2 windshield and ahuh, cracked again.

The water drain in my brand new finished basement backed up and had to replace brand new flooring

Rock hit windshield #3 and you guessed it - cracked yet again.

Air conditioning is out, need a brand new system.

Roof sprang a leak this week - not kidding.

Can it be over now?  Lord, I am truly trying to pass this time of testing. 

I know for me, satan tries to attack my finances to throw off my trust in my Father's provision.  I truly believe that setbacks and annoyances are God's way of producing trust in him. Are those incidents listed above the thing that is going to stop me from obtaining my goal?  If they are, did I really want the goal that bad? I've overcome much larger obstacles in life in getting what I want.  Being broke is part of the game, staying broke is not!  I will win!!

Little discomforts of life and things that could rob us of joy, peace and patience happen, but what do these seasons try to teach us?  How are we supposed to cope well?

Pushing through minor discomforts while putting your faith in God's promises produces an endurance, perseverance and peace that I am not sure I can explain.  God brings us through.  God watches how we react, and based on that reaction provides another test or relief.

I hope for relief from the consistent and frequent occurrences of these minor annoyances. I am standing on Deuteronomy 28:1-13 and I know God is up to something big.  Usually a big reward follows a time of testing.

As for the Cardinals in the title.  Gosh, they are everywhere.  I cannot get away from seeing them.  Daily on my teeny tiny patio, the golf course, on my walks, serenading me out my office window as I work...they seem to follow me everywhere. Many myths and traditions surround the cardinal and many have to do with renewal, good health, happy relationships, monogamy, and protection. Red is symbolic of steadfast faith. Since cardinals do not migrate during the winter like other birds, they often represent inner strength and warmth.Their persistence symbolize an inner fire that burns within people and reminds them to stay strong and be positive when they are going through difficult situations.   I can't help but think it is my Father's way of letting me know that he is with me and watching how I react to the discomforts and disappointments.  I pray I honor him with reactions of wisdom not outbursts of whining.

This past two weeks have been so hot and humid and thankfully, the new air conditioning system is being installed Friday, but I hope that doesn't keep the cardinals away.

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