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Do Not Fear! Drawing Strength from God

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

We all have memories of being chosen on teams in our grade school PE classes. First, two captains were picked by the teacher and then those captains started choosing teams. The first ones to be picked were the best at the particular activity the opposing teams were about to face off in. Everyone wanted the best player, the strongest athlete, and the most talented teammate. Why? Well, to win of course. You immediately were excited to play or you were instantly dreading the outcome based on the caliber of the team you were chosen for. The members of your team determined success.

In November 2010, I expanded my then consulting business into an industry and market in which I had no experience or presence. I was dreadfully underfunded and painfully naive that I was going to be a massive success story. I was fearless when I had every red flag telling me I should be scared to death. I had no idea what I was about to immerse myself into and the strength I would need to endure. I forged ahead anyway.

In the initial months of getting my new meeting center up and running, I was faced with roadblock after obstacle after battle after detour. And I was doing this alone. All. Alone. One April morning, a friend came by as I was buried by my Grand Opening task list. Over 100 people were set to attend the conference center the next day and I was frantic. He had popped in because he was unable to make the Grand Opening and wanted a tour and to extend his well wishes. Perceiving my obvious stress, and being a part-time pastor, he asked if I had asked Jesus for help.

Frustrated, I snapped back "I am the last person Jesus would want to help!"

He softly replied, "Won't you just consider it?"

I agreed that I would consider it and right then and there he exclaimed " Well, there is no time like the present! Say this prayer with me!"

And that day, God chose me to be on his team.

It says "Do not fear" 366 times in the bible. That is one for every day of the year (and an extra for leap year). I wish it were just that easy, but the Christian walk is one that guarantees we will need God every second of every day every year for as long as we live. It requires strength.


Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.

Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you.

I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10


As believers, we are engaged in an ongoing spiritual battle with the powers of darkness, and we cannot endure without the power of God. To be strong in the Lord and the power of His might is vital to living a victorious Christian life. It is imperative that we know the captain of our team.

In my last post, I explained the omnipotence of God. God is omnipotent which means "all-powerful" and refers to the fact that God's power is infinite and unlimited. He can do with power anything that power can do. Said another way, God has the power to do all he wills to do. He has the resources and the ability to work his will in every circumstance in the universe. He is able and He is willing to provide to us His strength.

It is so important to know and truly understand the attributes of God. (NOTE TO SELF: future blog material). For instance. God is truth. That means He cannot lie or go back on a promise because He is also eternal and good and righteous and holy. When God told the Israelites in Isaiah 40 that He will be with them, He will strengthen them, help them and uphold them, it is as good as done! They could count on it, bank on it, and plan their life on it because a promise from God is backed by the attributes of God.

Today, I am struggling with fear. I was part of a large corporate layoff the week before Thanksgiving. I did not see it coming. I was number one in my seven-state region and number six in the country. I loved my job. I loved my company. I loved the people I worked with. I was highly thought of by my peers and colleagues and I had every intention of staying until retirement. While the current job market is plentiful, I am not seeing much interest in my background. It's been two months. What am I going to do?

I am going to cry out to God and rely on His strength because my flesh and my heart are failing.

The enemy prowls like a lion ready to devour our minds when we face moments of weakness but know this: your battle may well be used by God to do deep work, and in order to accomplish it, you must be in that special place of absolute dependence upon Him, and no other.

Christ’s cross was appointed to Him by the Father, yet He cried out in His time of need. If the Lord of glory needed to beseech His Father for strength, believers, so should being chosen for God's team ensures that we have the best player, the strongest athlete, and the most talented teammate! YOU + God = VICTORY every single time. Count on it, bank on it, and plan your life on it because your Father will never fail. Listen to the below video daily and sweet friend, rest and let today's "Do Not Fear" cover you in peace.

What is your favorite attribute of God? How do you rely on it daily?


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