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Suit Up, Show Up & Shut Up

Ok, I know the title sounds harsh, but I kindasortamaybereally mean it to be.

I'm tired of the whining. Moaning. Groaning. Complaining. Resenting. Blaming. Self righteous attitudes. Ya' know? You feeling me?

You have probably identified the culprit. You know exactly who in your office I am talking about right now.

Guess what? I'm talking to you.

Whoa. Sorry, had to be said.

So ok, we all have our days when we just have to vent. It's part of being human and not being able to separate ourselves from others in the workplace. But can we learn some Emotional Intelligence? Oh gosh. Yes, I went there. Emotional Intelligence. Seriously? Let's break it down.

Simply, in a nutshell EI is about understanding our emotions (and the emotions of those around us) and learning to manage the way we handle them - in the workplace and in the rest of our lives. Oxymoron? Perhaps in some work places I've seen, but there's hope.

1. Suit Up - Learn to Ignore your feelings. Kinda ridiculous sounding when I am trying to make a point about EMOTIONAL Intelligence, so let me rephrase that. Learn to ignore ACTING from your feelings. More days than not, I don't FEEL like doing the things I need to do (anyone tells me that they truly FEEL JOY when faced with making cold calls and I'll punch them in the face - but that wouldn't be emotionally intelligent - I digress)

2. Show Up - it's in choosing to do the right things that our emotions catch up to our choices. I don't feel like going to work. I don't feel like sitting in this meeting. I feel like I want to tell him off. When you react from your feelings it often results in a very poor outcome. Choose activities because it's the right thing to do, not because you feel a certain way at a certain moment. Feelings come and go quickly, consequences from making the wrong choice can stay with you forever.

3. Shut Up - Stop the negativity. Stop the complaints. Stop the finger pointing. Stop the gossip. It's all about "what goes around comes around" and I've said this before: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution, but you can't be both. Choose to be the latter.

Ok, pretty straight forward on this post. But that's how we like it - short, sweet & to the point.

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