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Perception of the Pitch

Life was going along drama free for the past year and I was honestly feeling as if I was missing the Lord because I had no deep pressing need in my life...sad that I only feel I need Him when there is drama and hardship.

And just like that...He throws me a curve ball. I guess He was missing me too.

In the game of baseball or softball, a curve ball is extremely difficult to hit. A batter typically has two options, go with the pitch and execute flawlessly or, just stay in the box watch the ball go by.

This week, when facing down a fast moving curve ball - I had to decide - swing or step outta the box? Ok seriously - what fun is taking a pitch? But I know, that sometimes for the good of team - you just have to layoff.

I was discussing this with my oldest daughter Abigayle and I asked her what the strategy was when she, over the course of her softball career, had to hit a curve ball. Her response? "Mom, the first thing you need - is a really good bat - after that - it's all confidence in your perception of the pitch and the fundamentals of your swing."

Whoa. That easy huh?

Abbey said a phrase that enthralled me. Perception of the pitch....Perception. of. the. pitch. But even though the pitch had been thrown and was now hurling at me at the speed of sound - I looked past the ball - and I saw the pitcher.

The pitcher - my Father - the loving, compassionate, beautiful Holy God - throwing me a curve ball. So being focused on him I have two choices. Stay in the box? Or step-out?

“Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.” (Mt. 11:6)

Many times in our lives, God throws us a curve ball. He allows things to happen in our lives that we weren’t expecting to happen. In our minds, we carefully lay out a blueprint of how we expect God to move in our lives and answer our prayers and when things don’t go according to our plans we stumble in our faith. Loss of a job. Heartbreak. Illness. A loved one suddenly passes away. Some of these curve balls can be frustrating, painful and absolutely frightening.

We must never lose sight of the truth that God is the Pitcher. He is the One who allows those unexpected situations into our lives because He knows the good He intends to bring out of them. He knows exactly what course the “ball” is going to take. He is in complete control.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Trust the pitcher. Blessed is he who does not stumble or become hindered in his faith because of that which Christ has allowed to take place in his life. Blessed is he who does not become plagued with doubt because the road he was taking has been closed off by Heaven, forcing him to take a divinely ordained detour. Blessed is he who does not walk away because things are not going according to his own carefully laid out plans. Stay in the box! Your biggest blessing could be hurling toward you and if you step out.....

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