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Big Dream, Small Start

A big dream without a small start is nothing but a daydream. God initiates the biggest changes in our lives through the little things.

You can’t have Apostle Paul’s walk with God overnight. Big dream. But you can start praying two minutes a day starting tomorrow. Small start.

You can’t entirely mend a broken relationship overnight. Big dream. But you can have a conversation and open the door, write the letter, make the call, say I’m sorry. Small start.

If your kid is far from God, you can’t bring him back overnight. Big dream. But you could start praying for him every day. Small start.

Don’t get me wrong, I want you to keep believing, praying, and dreaming big. God does too – it’s in His very nature. But I also want you to see those big prayers and dreams realized. And that happens when you celebrate every tiny victory of a small step.

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