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Live Bravely: I Am What I Am - And It's OK

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

My sixth grade teacher told my mom at parent teacher conferences that she never had a student who asked “why” more than I did.  It drove my teacher nuts.  

I question things, a lot.  

I analyze information, constantly.  

I intellectualize, everything.

I ask why, where, who, how….all…the….time.  

Honestly, it drives me nuts too.

There have been phases of my faith journey  where I find myself overthinking all of it.  I’m in one of those phases now. There are some issues I am seriously questioning him on and praying for understanding about. I believe, God can handle my questions and infinitesimal grasp on the hugeness of His world and my part of it.  He doesn’t mind that

I try to grow and learn while I am here on this planet.  He created my questioning nature.

Because I’m a questioner, I’m a reader and a researcher.  A perpetual student.  So when I look to the so called “experts” in a particular field or topic I am usually inundated with books, blogs and beliefs they’ve written or shared. The amount of titles, information and "experts" that are at our fingertips is vast and immense. Just do a quick google search for anything and  inevitably, it looks something like this:

become a better you . your best life now . get out of that pit . how to pray . how not to pray . why we pray . should we pray . correct posture while you pray . Top 10 reasons to go to church . how to choose a church . what is church . top five reasons to pick a different church . god’s plan for your life . what is the christian life . is God real . God’s not dead . why do bad things happen if God is good .  why do good things happen if God is not real . how to know God better . how to know God deeper . how to know God loves you . how to know if God is mad at you . what if God forgot me . Does God care .

I could go on and on and on – but you get my gist.

All the questions and lists and suggested commentaries are maddening. Are we ever ok just being ok right where we are? Are we ok right where we are? No wonder we live in a society where everyone feels less then, inadequate and as if they have no peace. We are bombarded with suggestion after self help guru after social media post about being better, how to do more in less time, why we should or shouldn't do this or not do that. Sometimes, I just want to turn it all off and stop reading. I mean, my goodness, I write a blog so am I adding to the insanity of it all? Perhaps but, I have a suggestion for you to add to the deafening demands, the unending suggestions and the hurling of help (yes, even by me).


By the grace of God I am what I am.” (1 Corinthians 1:10)

You are what you are right now, this hour, this day and it's ok. It's going to be ok. Whole. Empty. Full. Depleted. Happy. Sad. Fearful. Brave. Employed. Unemployed. Wealthy. Poor. Healthy. Sick. Whatever it is you are, it is by the grace of God that you are ok and it by the grace of God that you will pull out of it if you're not. And for all the questions you have, to do lists you've made, to don’t lists you need and the making it all make sense?

No google - just, grace.

For yourself, unrelenting.

To others, abounding.

From God, never ending.  

(you can read what grace is here)

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