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Live Bravely: There's Still Hope

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

There are times in life when you will feel down.

Ok, down is too high.

There are times when you feel guilt, anguish, fear, panic, angst, loneliness and helplessness and in severe amounts. To the point of perhaps wanting to die. I know the feeling all to well. I've been in that dark, painful place. You feel hopeless and you are literally in hell on earth.

If you are in a time such as this right now, friend, reach out to me - to someone. I will walk with you. Heck, I will carry you if you need me to.

I read the below paragraph this week on

an instagram page called A Journey With God. (what are you following on social media? Is it worth your scroll time and does it lift your heart's eye to the one who knows your heart best? Just askin') Here's what it said:

What if I said:

Your time is coming.

That breakup was needed. That job loss was needed. That setback was needed.

That the hurt you experienced will produce transformation.

That you're beautiful and strong because God says so.

That your worries can turn into a God certain trust.

That He will work all things for your good.

That you will experience joy again.

One day you will understand why it didn't work out the way YOU wanted it to and see that God needed it to work out how HE planned it to help you in a way you wouldn't have noticed had it worked out your way.

God has a purpose for it all.

There's still hope, because there's still Jesus.

I should end the post there, friend. Why say anything else. If you are in Christ, you are in hope. No matter what the hurt. You are flawless. Fearless. Fruitful. Fabulous. Free. Forgiven. Favored. As christians, we have the only hope, the only light, the only way, the only one.

If you are not in Christ, then trust me I know you may feel angry that someone just said you are going through this trauma, hardship, heartbreak for a reason.

No, you don't deserve it.

No, you did nothing wrong to cause it.

No, you are not being punished by a mean God.

And I don't know why this is happening to you. But from someone who came through loss after loss after devastating loss - I know why now, standing where I am standing. It was horrific to travel through it. It was impossible to understand why and how. It was unfair that I had to figure out life after losing dreams, but I did. And you will. We don't see the reasons in our recent emotions. I promise you, I promise you! Cry out. Yell out. Scream out. He knows. He cried, yelled and screamed in his pain too. He knows. He deeply knows. Friend, there's still hope, because there's Jesus.

I am in prayer for you.

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